Mystical Journey to Perú & Bolivia

May/June 2022

Michelle Pillen, founder of Sacred Circle Journeys, and Gabriela Meneses, beloved local ambassador of Andean history, culture, and spirituality, are developing an enchanted May/June 2022 small group journey to Perú and Bolivia. We are envisioning an active journey of transformation that starts in the Sacred Valley of Perú, continues to Machu Picchu and other ancient mystical sites, and then off-the-beaten path to experience the heart and soul of the Andes on islands in Lake Titicaca. Details to follow.


Journey Leader, Guide, and Documentarian

Michelle Pillen

Journey Leader

Bringing individuals and small groups to places that have made a difference in my life completely lights me up!! Through Sacred Circle Journeys, I offer an array of spiritual travel services to Hawai’i, Perú, and Japan for the purpose of conscious awakening.

I love finding spiritually grounded and enthusiastic guides who are delighted to share the energy, culture, history, and love of their homes. Gaby Meneses is that person for Perú! I am so happy to partner with her again (she co-led our amazing 2019 Perú journey) for the 2022 Mystical Journey to Perú and Bolivia. 

Kanoa Pillen

Journey Documentarian

Having lived in Illinois, Hawaii, Japan, and most recently traveling through Europe, Israel, and North Africa, I enjoy being in new environments and taking in all of the exciting challenges that come with new places. After graduating from college, I began traveling extensively, delving into new environs and focusing on my interests of travel, photography, and food. On the 2019 Mystical Journey to Peru, I captured everyone’s individual experience as well as our collective journey, and created a video of the many activities and memories we shared on that amazing journey. 

Maria Gabriela Meneses Cagigao

Journey Guide

I feel very blessed to live in the Sacred Land of Perú. I was born in the countryside of Cusco in the heart of the Andes and since early age I’ve felt very much attracted to the ancient heritage I was experiencing around me every day.

I learned English quite young and that helped me to get in contact with people of different countries and backgrounds. Because of a strong inner call to look for spirituality I was able to get in touch with ancient traditions from other parts of the world at an early age.

An important landmark in my life was to meet a curandero and make a naturalist treatment guided by him that allowed me to understand the importance of taking good care of my body, my temple. At the same time, I learned about plants and the natural medicine that my people still practice.

The profound culture heritage present here in Perú has been always a passion to discover for me and because of that I was visiting since quite young all the places built by the ancestors here, trying to understand and investigate what was the message they imprinted on them and the wisdom involved in their understanding of life. That opened the possibility of meeting many shamans, curanderos, investigators, scholars, who taught me a lot and to whom I feel very grateful. I have a permanent admiration and profound respect for the very high consciousness our ancestors had.

Guiding became my job since 2000 but I understand it more like an opportunity to share all what I’ve learned and love.

Testimonials from Past Perú Journeyers

“I LOVED this trip! I have only good things to say because Michelle and Valerie did such a great job planning out our schedule of events. I am grateful! The thing that surprised me about this journey was how alive and energetic I felt every day.  I felt like I was being wrapped in a blanket of love traveling through the mountains. And now, I love traveling back to Peru everyday in my meditations.”


“I got an image during the shamanic ceremony in Aguas Calientes that has helped me understand and define some of the spiritual work I have been doing lately.  I feel both more at peace and more intent on seeking deeper experiences that make me feel connected to my soul and the One Spirit.  I have an even stronger desire to shed the parts of my life that don’t feel like they are working for me and a calm about it happening in its own time.”


“Mystical Journey to Peru. Well, they got that right! I was looking forward to the trip of a lifetime and it was. No matter how many guide books you read, nothing could prepare you for the dual impact of Peru married to the experience of spirit and ceremony on this trip. Sacred sites; sound ceremonies; blessings by a Quechua healing master; the magic and power of Machu Picchu contrasting with the bustling city of Cusco. A wonderful chance to let go of the old and embrace a new reality that I continue to integrate. This trip will last a lifetime.”


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