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“Sacred Circle Journeys” is our love offering to old and new friends consciously walking their spiritual path. To the local guides and cultural practitioners who share their wisdom, hearts, and love of the mountains, oceans, forests, valleys, and ancient sacred sites. To the animals, plants, and intangible supportive forces and energies always around us. 

Whether you join us on a group journey or private tour, your Sacred Circle Journey experience will include caring for your precious, hard-working physical body. Growing your spiritual practices. Making space for emotional expression, inspiration, and curiosity. Resting your mind. Expanding your comfort zone. Integrating. Having fun. Sharing. Celebrating.   


Michelle Pillen, Founder

Born and raised in Hawai’i, Michelle’s foundation for “Sacred Circle Journeys” is her family, the values she was raised with, and the place she calls home. She wears many hats, including: mom, friend, wife, auntie, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, grandmother, and journey developer and leader. Michelle has been fortunate to use her Ph.D. in Clinical Community Psychology in a 28-year career as a program evaluator. She currently offers an array of services for the purpose of conscious awakening.

After co-leading an amazing group journey in 2016 to Perú, Michelle was inspired to start Sacred Circle Journeys. She led a 10-day private tour on the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2018 that was a life-changing trip for all involved. A May 2019 Perú group journey is happening soon and an October 2019 Hawaii group journey is in the works. Michelle also collaborates with teachers, healers, and leaders to add on cultural and spiritual experiences to their meetings or retreats held in Hawai’i.

I had the pleasure of traveling with Val and Michelle to Peru in 2016. The trip was well coordinated and we had a fantastic guide throughout. I cannot express enough the well organized, flawless planning that must have gone into this. We had an amazing and transformative experience, from visiting Machu Picchu to the school in the mountains, the sites were incredible. I am so glad I got to go! Thank you, Val and Michelle for the extraordinary vacation and spiritual journey.


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