2021 Spirit of Water Journey to the Big Island of Hawai'i

This year’s Spirit of Water Journey is being postponed. Michelle is designing a 4-person adventure on the Big Island of Hawai’i in its place. Contact michellepillen@gmail.com for more information. 

Experience the beauty, magic, and embrace of the Pacific Ocean. Swim on multiple mornings with the Hawaiian spinner dolphins, who generously share their love, joy, and healing sonar. Learn from the ocean ambassadors about these powerful interdimensional beings. Immerse your body into deep and profound aquatic experiences of presence and flow. Relax on beautiful white sand beaches. Have ample opportunities for self-care, self-reflection, and integration.

Testimonials from Past Hawai'i Journey Participants


“Aloha! Could not recommend Michelle’s Sacred Circle Journeys more sincerely! As a leader of journeys myself I am quite picky with whom I would travel and Michelle is on the top of my list!!! I had the great fortune to journey with her in Oahu and the Big Island last year and it was one of the most magical, mystical, meaningful and FUN events of my life. She makes you feel at ease, at home and so welcome, so that you enter the “real” Hawai’i right away, instead of the touristic one. I fell in love with the energy of these volcanic islands, the ocean, the dolphins, the language, the food!! Thank you Michelle, you are a true embodiment of the Aloha Spirit!!! If you are thinking of doing this, think no more! Listen to your soul’s beckoning and give yourself the gift of this Sacred Circle Journey with Michelle!!”

Ulla Suokko

Testimonials from Past Hawai'i Journey Participants


“Having taken a sacred journey with Michelle was truly a wonderful, amazing, magical, heart felt trip. I can’t say enough about her creation of experiences that will impact you in a positive way and change your life, it did mine. I plan on attending more journeys with Michelle. Thank you Michelle for your clear vision and guidance.”

Valerie Camozzi

Testimonials from Past Hawai'i Journey Participants


“Saying “yes” to a journey with Michelle in Hawaii has been one of the most profoundly transformative experiences of my life. Visiting sacred sites, swimming with dolphins, and spending time absorbing the energy of this incredible and incredibly lush and beautiful place is not to be missed! I have returned home feeling more balanced, more confident in myself, and absolutely blissful. I trusted Michelle to plan a spectacular trip and she exceeded all my expectations. She is responsive to participants, has a gentle style, and allows each person to experience the trip in their own way. I would not hesitate to travel again with Michelle and I am looking forward to another journey. I love traveling with her.  I am so grateful for the gifts that she is sharing in planning such amazing journeys.”


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