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Are you feeling called to travel for spiritual, emotional, physical ~ your whole being ~ rejuvenation and expansion? Is it time to honor your yearnings to connect with nature, people, and places that resonate with you? 

Sacred Circle Journeys is a conduit for folks who want more from their travel experiences. Our company is rooted in Hawai’i (the place we call home), powered by our lifelong passion for traveling, and inspired by the possibilities of conscious travel for the greater good and spiritual awakening.

We offer small group journeys to Perú, Hawai’i, and soon, Japan. We also partner with teachers, health care providers, and creative folks interested in bringing their group to Hawai’i. If you’re interested in any of these offerings, contact us. We’re happy to connect with you!

This small group journey to the Big Island of Hawai’i is being postponed. 

Michelle is developing a 4-person adventure in its place.

Contact her at for more information.

A small group journey for May/June 2022 is in the works.

Want to travel with Michelle by yourself or with your group?

Co-create an itinerary that resonates with your dreams.

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